Laughing Grandpa

"Moved into village (with wife) about 2 years & 9 months ago. Would I do it again? Answer is yes. Apartments are small, but get used to size. Prices cannot be bettered. Location excellent. Well worth 2 or 3 visits to get feel of place. Community living allows for privacy of own apartment, but socialise in lounge, conservatory, activities etc. Soon make a new friend. Security excellent, manager available by phone 24 hours. Special memory: Ambulance called at 4 am. Ambulance staff arrive, with Denise (manager) 2 steps behind. Thanks Denise. Owner- Jimmy, Manager- Denise, Staff- Karen: all are honorable and a pleasure to deal with" - Bruce C

Mature Woman Laughing

"I have lived here for over a decade and thoroughly enjoy the close proximity to Doctors, Shops, Bus and Train, also the amenities that are provided - meals if required, village transport provided for shopping and day outings. Also covered car parking which is essential in my older years. I feel truly blessed to live here" - Judith F

Old Lady

"I have lived at the Cosmopolitan Retirement Village for 12 years and have loved every moment of my time here. I have made many friends here and the meals are great ! " - Judy Ross